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I have enjoyed parking with Airport Security Parking. For the past two years I have been on crutches, the folks there have been extremely helpful and have gone out of their way to assist me with my luggage and getting me on and off the bus. They have made this portion of my travels and coming home pleasurable. Highly recommend them to folks I know.
Don V.
Airport Security Parking is the best option! No more stress over airport navigation and carrying pounds of luggage. You simply drop off your car and they shuttle you in their 24-hour shuttle to the airport for curbside drop off. They take your bags down and all you have to do is roll them to the counter. Returning is the same process. Very easy to use, even for a novice traveler. I have recommended them time and time again and have only heard great feedback. They really do have a consistent, streamlined process that takes away the worry of how to get to the airport and back home.
Marcella M.
With the new job I am spending more time at the airport than I do at home. Airport Security parking makes this time away from home tolerable. Covered parking with door to door shuttle service you just can’t beat it.
Jeffrey H.
I have used this parking area at least 15-20 times  and never experienced more than a 10min wait. The cost is significantly less than long-term parking "at" the airport and because it is soooo close it really doesn't take any time to shuttle over. The staff is friendly and they drop you off right at the door! I definitely recommend utilizing this parking area if traveling out of SAT, especially if you're parking for more than a few days.
Krista N.
Treats you like family. I was headed to the airport in a rush and finally got to airport security parking. Unfortunately my car broke down right in the middle of the line and wouldn't budge. The excellent people at airport security parking were nice enough to coordinate a tow truck to take my car to a shop and get it fixed. I was able to make my flight on time. Even better, my car was fixed while I was away and they were nice enough to drive it back to the lot for me! Needless to say their customer service is outstanding and I will be parking with them in the future.
Ben M.
I've used Airport Security Parking multiple times and last night I was given another reason for why I should keep coming back.  After a long trip and a very late night arrival, I discovered a flat tire once I got to my car.  Not only did the employees (who had more than enough customers to serve) help me re-inflate my tire and tried to tape up my broken valve, they checked in on me and made sure I was okay waiting for AAA to come and help.  I highly recommend that anyone use their service for great customer care.
Meghan T.


If I could give this great family owned business 10 stars, I would!  If you want your vehicle and your belongings that you accidentally left on the bench to be safe,  this is the place to park.  I had carelessly left my ipad and cashmere scarf on a bench. They found them and kept them safe for me, plus told all of the workers so they would know when I asked. They are professional and courteous.
Anna G.
Yep, these guys are good. I’m not sure if there’s much competition in the San Antonio airport parking game, but I’ve had nothing but positive experiences here and I travel almost every week. Their staff smiles, looks you in the eye, and they get you in and out proficiently.
Austin C.
Airport Security Parking was everything I expected. They live up to their web ad; fast, easy, friendly.  I can’t think of anything I would change or improve.
Jeff L.
My wife and I use Airport Security Parking EVERY time we fly and need to park at the airport! The staff is always friendly and helpful, and we have never had any problems with our vehicles being bothered, even in the open lot. We are always treated with respect and courtesy. We will be using ASP next time on our Vegas trip!
Steven G.
I've used Airport Security Parking over a half-dozen times this year and have not had a single issue...  ASP has always been very eager to drive me to my car even when it's just a few rows away... There aren't many options when it comes to off-airport parking. In fact, this is the only option I'm aware of. I think they do a great job...
Chris A.
We use Airport Security Parking 4-5 times a year on average and every time, I'm extremely impressed with their customer service. Even at 4:30am, they are friendly, efficient and go the extra mile. I love dealing with them. Over the years, we've seen them adjust their processes to make things easier and faster, they are always looking to improve...
Ashley C.